MJC football program gives athletes a second chance

MJC football program gives athletes a second chance

By Angelina Martin (Twitter)

While MJC doesn't consider itself a last chance for local players, it certainly provides them with a second chance.

Sometimes, high school football players make all the right plays, excel in the classroom and are still overlooked by four-year universities in their quest to play at the highest collegiate level. The Modesto Junior College football team has quickly become one of the premier student transfer programs in the state, giving those players a second chance to prove their talent by betting on themselves.

The MJC football program serves as a pipeline for players from Turlock and Pitman high schools, as well as athletes throughout the Central Valley, to top-of-the-line schools across the nation. Over the course of the last year alone, the Pirates saw nearly 20 players transfer to four-year universities, earning over $1 million in scholarships and putting MJC on the map as a haven where athletes can hone their in-game skills, as well as propel their academic careers.

"I think our main focus is to try and transfer every single student athlete who comes through our program," MJC defensive coordinator Eddie Abbasi said.

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