Modesto Junior College Softball


MJC Softball Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop future leaders by providing an avenue that compliments academic programs and enhances students overall educational experiences promoting community engagement, personal growth and development from our athletic programs.  We are dedicated to helping facilitate and promote opportunities and practices, which help student athlete’s progress towards career and personal goals.

As coaches, we enjoy seeing the results of our player’s hard work turning into success on the playing surface.  Ultimately, competition and winning feeds our passion for the sport we love.  At MJC, our measure of success goes farther than wins and losses.  We believe in the growth and development of the student athlete.  The overall learning experience includes preparing theses student athletes for the future as leaders.

MJC athletics strongly believes in the diversity initiative.  We will continue to recruit and provide equal opportunities for all student athletes, regardless of race and issue positions based on athletic ability.  MJC Athletics will continue to promote pride, respect, and a winning attitude in all programs.   

MJC Softball Vision Statement

Our goal is to build a competitive and successful softball program at Modesto Junior College and produce college graduates, champions, and productive citizens in our community.  The softball program will encourage and inspire the quest for excellence on and off the field through effort, commitment, integrity, determination, and perseverance.  Our highest priority is to reinforce the academic mission of MJC and maximize the educational growth of our student-athletes.  The softball program is fully committed to academic excellence and success.  The purpose of our program is to provide a safe and positive environment in which athletes will receive the necessary training to be competitive and successful in intercollegiate softball.  Our coaching staff is dedicated to working with all student-athletes to achieve a common goal.  The athletic experience of the student-athletes will be exciting and rewarding as they build strong character and effective life skills.